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Welcome to the project PENNSYLVANIA website!
project PENNSYLVANIA is an intiative started by the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) to end the shortage of veterinarians in Pennsylvania, particularly in the large animal and public sector fields. We are joined in our efforts by our Coalition members - who are leading stakeholder groups in agriculture, education, and research - and are currently laying the groundwork to understanding why there is a shortage of veterinarians in Pennsylvania and attempting to solve the problem. Issues we are tackling include loan forgiveness, mentoring, compensation, and more.

Last fall, project PENNSYLVANIA sent out a public sector veterinary medicine survey to veterinarians in the state and we received more than 500 responses. Thank you! We are currently analyzing the data and will release the results of the survey this spring. We hope this website will grow to be not only informational but a tool for veterinarians, veterinary students, and the public to learn more about the profession and the options that are available in the field.

Please check back often - as our initiative grows, so will our resources.